My love for Dallas

10154214_615304305228226_4089447394096454753_nI love writing. I love Dallas and all the wonderful things that happen here! I came here at age 18 because a friends mom told us that “Dallas is a great dallas_skyline_water1place for young people”. She was so right! So much opportunity. The thirty years I’ve been here have been amazing. I’ve lived in Vickery area-was fun filled with young singles back in the 80’s, moved to Lake Dallas where I bought my first house in a family friendly small neighborhood community for my daughter, lived in Denton- a fun college town with an awesome local music scene, worked in Highland Village where I made peoples hair beautiful. My clients ranged from college students that followed me from Denton to Senator Jane Nelson and professionals in real estate and law, moved to West Plano after a short stint in North Dallas after marrying my husband and moved to his home town of Highland Park ten years ago. So, you could say I’ve seen a LOT of different aspects to the North Texas scene.  Dallas has EVERYTHING imaginable! Considered the third coast when it comes to fashion, amazing museums, art, the Opera, symphony, theatre, sports-including POLO, my families life! And coming in 2016, we even have a Real Housewives of Dallas. Lol! Not sure how “real” it will be, its a reality show and we should all know by now that there isn’t much reality to them, but its entertainment. And being added to Bravo’s roster of RH series is a pretty big deal. You gotta love Big D! Follow my blog, where my awesome Team of four Dallas ladies who love our town and love to share its happenings will Dish on the hottest events, finest dining, local entreprenuers, businesses and brands and yes, the gossip!

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