PREP Cosmetics Holiday Special

PREP Cosmetics founders.
PREP Cosmetics founders, Carole Aponte, MD and Kelly Barker. Photo courtesy of PREP.

PREP Cosmetics, originally came about by two Texas moms, Carole Aponte, MD and Kelly Barker ,with daughters of their own. “The PREP principle is to provide each and every girl with a safe beauty regimen that she can count on and one that will help her develop healthy habits at a vital age in her development. Formulating natural, safe, feel-good products and providing a platform that enables girls to be involved in charitable initiatives, PREP is much more than just skincare. PREP educates girls on the dangers of sun exposure along with the importance of a daily skin routine so she will be comfortable with her skin for the rest of her life. This, along with giving back to the community, is PREP’s top priority.”

Zit Kit. Photo courtesy of PREP.
Zit Kit. Photo courtesy of PREP.

The moms have added to their line of sunscreen products with the Zit Kit-Tough onacne yet gentle on skin. PREP’s Zit Kit includes our full 1 ounce everyday clear acne treatment, 2 ounce SPF 30 face+body lotion and 2 ounce purifying daily cleanser. PREP’s Chief Medical Officer, Carole Aponte, MD recommends girls who have acne or are prone to breakouts use the zit kit every day to combat and prevent acne and to keep skin clean, fresh and protected. The acne treatment is a clear leave-on treatment for night time and/or day time use. SUNBURN ALERT: Acne products can increase sensitivity to the sun and raise your risk of sunburn, so it is important to use P.R.E.P. SPF 30 face+body lotion every day. BONUS: the zinc in the SPF helps fight zits! Included in every order is an acne guide, which includes instructions on how and when to use based on your specific skin type.

Gigi Miller. Photo courtesy of PREP
Gigi Miller. Photo courtesy of PREP

My tween and PREP girl, Gigi has just begun to experience breakouts. So, for the holidays, we recommend the Zit Kit as a stocking stuffer and PREP does too! That’s why they are offering this special until Wednesday, December 17: Receive FREE shipping on all orders.  Enter Coupon Code: FREESHIP.



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