Texas Women For Trump Coalition

12294623_10153291978306687_2001185276956290150_nI’m a proud member of the Texas Women For Trump Coalition along with many of my notable Dallasites such as Nancy Rogers, Gina O’briant, Pamela Martin Duarte, Terri Provencal, Gina Ginsberg, Carmen Surgent, Lori Gandolak, Ameera Swaidan and so many more. Our numbers are growing every day as more women across our state are becoming educated on our country’s dire needs and the fact that the only candidate addressing them is Donald Trump. It’s so frustrating to see the media and politicians attack him as they twist and turn, edit and omit from his statements. Please join our group if you feel the way we do. Attend one of our events if you’d like to hear more about why we believe in him to make our country great, again.12366234_10206955224230995_5332888043372518608_n

Why Trump?

He is NOT a career politician, or even a politician at all.

He is self funded, meaning his presidency will be for the American People, not for the corporations that own him through their campaign donations.

He is a successful businessman and does much business with the same countries America has been given bad deals with. He will get us  better deals!

He is not afraid to be UN Politically Correct in a time that being PC is literally KILLING us.

Trump is all for LEGAL Immigration, don’t let the opposition fool you.  Anyone entering Legally, wanting to work and pay taxes like U.S. citizens, abide by America’s laws, etc. are welcomed.

He is all for keeping the American people safe from Radical Islamists. But did you know that Islam itself promotes the stoning of women, the raping of children, the taking over of nations and much more evilness. Radical or not, Islam goes against the core values of our nation.

Listen to my chat with Kevin Scholla of Mama Grizzly Radio.

At a recent Women for Trump movie night we watched "Obamas America. Have you seen it? worth a look.
At a recent Women for Trump movie night we watched “Obamas America”. Have you seen it? worth a look.
Our SNL Watch Party when Trump was on was so much fun!
Our SNL Watch Party when Trump was on was so much fun!

5 thoughts on “Texas Women For Trump Coalition

  1. I would like to find out what I would need to do to be a part of TEXAS WOMEN for TRUMP! I am from Fort Worth, Texas and a former Mrs Texas United States Finalist 2012. I have been rallying for TEAM TRUMP from day 1 in social media and would like to do whatever I can do to help bring more support to TRUMP. The media thinks ‘women’ don’t favor Trump?? They have another thing coming to them…especially with we strong, fabulous TEXAS women. TRUMP 2016!


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