What’s Under Your Tree, Dena?- A Holiday Gift Guide

There are so many holiday gift guides out there, but when it comes down to it, what’s under your own tree is what you bought, so why suggest anything else to your friends? So, here are my holiday suggestions:

For the blessed 12 year old with awesome grades that works SO hard at everything she does and does so much…YES, she’s getting this years most in demand item- the Hoverboard!!!  Yes, we saw the news about them catching fire and was apprehensive but did the research. I advise spending the extra money on the real deal, don’t be tempted to buy a knock off. I’m all about a great deal but when it comes to the safety of my kids and home, don’t cut corners. Don’t let it stay plugged in over the time needed to recharge. I’ve read that’s what causes the battery to blow up, it cant hold any more of the charge you’re trying to put into it. In a statement by Amazon :hover2

Trading Standards is giving these tips to consumers who have bought a “hoverboard”, or are thinking of buying one:

  • Never leave the device charging unattended, especially overnight. A faulty cut-off switch means it could overheat
  • Check the plug. Many faulty devices have a “clover-shaped” plug
  • If buying online, be careful to check the website is genuine and has a contactable phone number and address
  • Don’t be dazzled by prices which seem too low





Both of my darling daughters will be receiving awesome holiday collections from Sephora. Didn’t need to get myself one as I can borrow from both of them:) Besides carrying all of your favorite name brands, Sephora has their own brand of wonderful cosmetics. I can’t walk into that store without dropping hundreds at a time. Just need a lipstick, ran out of concealer? Ha!




There simply MUST be something Star Wars under the tree! So, I got a little something for my first grandchild that isn’t even born yet….The first six episodes of the epic Star Wars space saga—The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi—are retold in this Little Golden Book library! Featuring stunning retro illustrations, this boxed set of six Little Golden Books is perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages! Is it a girl or a boy? I don’t know, but if he/she isn’t a fan I figure they could be collectable. While you can certainly order online or find in bookstores, I actually found mine at my Kroger while grocery shopping. How convenient is that?

untitledI am the Worst at shopping for teenaged boys. We have all the game players and games that we need, everyone has a cell phone, TV in the bedroom and laptop. With one driving and one close to be, neither are interested in Hoverboards for mode of transportation. So, I asked dad. Did I expect him to suggest anything other than new polo gear?? Really?  Headed down to Texas Polo for fresh polo helmets. have you ever smelled a sweaty old polo helmet? You don’t want to! Or the hair it was sitting on. After Christmas, my boys will be smelling fresh after polo matches again. for awhile. I’m going to add a bottle of Febreeze for them to spray them with after polo!




A real treat for my husband and myself-days after recuperating from Christmas, we will escape to a Villa at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas for some relaxation and decadent alone time!  Set cq5dam_web_468_263in one of four Tuscan inspired low-rise complexes, each complete with interior courtyard fountains, our secluded Villa Suite is located near the 18th green. Light and bright, both the sitting area and master bedroom offer incredible views of either TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas golf course or well-maintained gardens. And, as if all this were not enough, each suite features two walkout second floor balconies or its own first floor private lawn. Inside, a gas fireplace, plush sofa and dining table with a backdrop of floor-to-ceiling plantation shutters make these well-appointed suites perfect for private entertaining or a restorative getaway. Add a full marble bath complete with two-vanity sink, deep soaking tub and separate enclosed glass shower and you have everything you need to soothe all your senses. I will be packing the Calgon!




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