Clues to the Real Housewives of Dallas


LeeAnne Locken and Yvonne Crum with friend.
LeeAnne Locken and Yvonne Crum with Ken Weber.

Names that I’ve seen tossed around by those making guesses include: LeeAnne Locken, Tiffany Hendra, Laurie Graham, Dawn Neufeld, Pat Smith, Cynthia Smoot, and D’Andra Simmons, just to name a few.   While many people have spotted filming going on all over Dallas since early this year, here are my personal experiences that include some of these same names, and others that definitely fit the Real Housewives profile. Your guess is as good as mine and I’m eager to hear yours! Let’s Dish!

1)  The Madhatters Tea Party at the Dallas Arboretum is an annual see and be seen event. Dallas socialites go all out to win in a variety of Best hat categories. I was there with a media pass to cover the event and spotted my sweet friend Yvonne Crum upon entering. I didn’t even notice the cameras until I had my arms around her in the middle of a hug. I looked up and realized LeeAnne Locken and friends with fabulous hats atop their heads next to us with cameraman. Having heard the rumors of a reality show filming, I quickly went to the other side of the event. Whenever there is any filming going on there is a group of women that seem to follow the camera’s and I didn’t want to be mistaken for one of them. D’Andra Simmons Lock was filming her Dallas Social Café show with Timothy Miller as well, so lots of filming was happening all around me.

2)Shortly after I had been asked to walk the runway in a Binzario Couture Fashion show to benefit Round Up for Autism, a little birdie told me that this event was to be filmed for the Ladies of Dallas reality show recently announced by Bravo.  So, I messaged Gina Marx and asked straight up “Is this a real event benefiting your charity or is it fake for a reality TV show?” She assured me that it absolutely was a real event to raise money for the very worthwhile cause of Autism.  I was relieved, as my friend and fellow Mrs. Texas pageant sister Dawn Neufeld, whose platform is Autism, was to be in the show as well and I know she would be disappointed if it were fake. Literally the day before the event, Gina called me to tell me she wanted to give me a heads up that indeed the event was now going to be filmed, since I had asked. Hmmm…my husband had bought a $1,000 table at the event so I sure hope that Bravo gave a

Certainly are a lot of housewives in this lineup shot by Thomas Garza at the Binzario Couture fashion show, but LeeAnne isn't one of them. There seems to be a token non married cast member on RH franchises though....
Certainly are a lot of housewives in this lineup shot by Thomas Garza at the Binzario Couture fashion show, but LeeAnne isn’t one of them. There seems to be a token non married cast member on RH franchises though….

nice donation too….Backstage at the show, certain women were being extremely over the top every time a camera was around. It was very obvious that they were filming LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra, predominantly. While in line for the show I was in the group with Leeanne, Alison Volk and the lovely Debbie Stout Dubois Elchami. Cameraman would go from our part of the line filming Leeanne and Alison, who was being  “not herself”, as in not the Ali Volk I knew. Both ladies cursing like sailors and Ali spilling water all over the front of the gorgeous dress Andre Yabin had designed for the show, to Tiffany Hendra’s group behind us in the line up. Debbie didn’t want anything to do with being on a reality show so turned her back and talked to me every time they were near us with a camera. Blogger Cynthia Smoot was in a group behind us in the line up and every time she saw the camera at one of the groups she made a point to need to talk to someone that the camera was pointed toward and race that way.

3)During the filming at Autism event, LeeAnne had a conversation with Phyllis Comu about her upcoming birthday party, on camera. They discussed having ordered their mermaid costumes for the party. I love Phyllis, she went to high school with my husband and was a long time member of our families country club. I’d much rather be alone walking the Katy Trail with her than in a room full of grown women dressed like mermaids,  so I bowed out of going to the party, as I really believed it was going to be a “set” for the show rather than a celebration of my sweet friend. From the photos on Facebook, a lot of others had the same impression and women that I know for a fact aren’t good friends of Phyllis were there. And thankfully, not a lot donned the mermaid costume. Great party, but no cameras. The cameras turned up at a smaller party hosted by Heidi Dillon instead. And IT was a costume party. Heidi is very well known for pushing for a RHOD, even had the Dallas Morning News announce that she and Gina Ginsburg were to be in it a couple of years ago…I actually was in her reel and was pitched with her line up….and it never happened.

Lot of housewives in this Brick Betty fashion show too.....
Lot of housewives in this Brick Betty fashion show too…..and token single ladies…..

4)Laurie Graham emceed a fashion show of Brick Betty fitnesswear that featured Pat Smith and  included notables Tiffany Hendra, Courtney Kerr and Amy Vanderoef. Invited to cover, I brought my daughter Gigi as my date. Before we could enter the event we were asked to sign releases for filming. Since my invitation came from PR person Alison Volk and I’d spotted LeeAnne arriving I figured it must be “Ladies of Dallas” again. I warned my daughter that she was likely to see women acting rather unladylike due to being filmed for a reality show, and assured her that my friends didn’t really act like this, normally. With the F bomb having been dropped so much during the filming previously, I just didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want her to be shocked. I let Alison know I’d warned Gigi. She told me they were NOT filming for Bravo but that Pat was filming for a pitch for her own show. Pat Smith is 110% class and this event had zero foul language or antics that I was made aware of. Ali was her normal classy self at this event.

Gigi Miller and Pat Smith.
Gigi Miller and Pat Smith.


5)Pretty soon after RHOD was announced, Phyllis posted on her Facebook page that LeeAnne would be on a show produced by her husband CJ Comu called American Ventures . This looks to be one of those paid programming shows where the producer is paying for TV time and the “guests” are actually advertisers. In between reality show jobs ( She’s Got the Look” and “Big Rich Texas”) and acting gigs like the one episode speaking role on ABC’s “Good Christian Belles”, LeeAnne  has created YouTube shows with the help of former partner Allyson Aynesworth like “Beautiful You” and “Luxury Dallas” whose primary advertiser was of Dr. Jeffery Adelglass of Skintastic. Conveniently, those links no longer seem to work when I click on them. Is this new venture with CJ Comu for real, or was it merely a smoke screen to cover for all the filming we’ve seen LeeAnne doing this year to get us off the scent of her being cast on RHOD?  Perhaps it is real to give LeeAnne a “job” other than being on reality TV.  having a career in TV would make for better reality TV than being a stay at home housewife…oh, wait! She’s not a housewife.

Interesting quote by LeeAnne from the Preston Hollow Advocate– “I literally called ‘She’s Got the Look’ my torture show,” she says. “This is where I learned that what reality TV really is all about is torturing you. Because when they torture you and give you alcohol, they get the best footage they could possibly get — that’s the recipe for ‘train wreck.’”  Torture? Are you sure you really want to be on a reality show, ladies?


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