2016- My New Normal

945491_1672298219661553_8390509574665122247_n2015 has been kicked to the curb, and good riddance!! Started off pretty darn good. My sons Prestonwood Interscholastic Polo Team, Central Regional Champions for the third year in a row (only competed for 4 years so like WOWZA!) made the finals at nationals, the SUPERBOWL of college polo. We didn’t win but have to admit West Shore, the team from Maryland,  that beat us, deserved the win. Being the second best high school team in the country isn’t so bad. But my boys are training hard and coming for the title this year!!! I crowned my first ever Miss Prestonwood Polo Club on March 1st and am now working on Valentines Day production and crowning our next title holder to cheer us on at Nationals this year.

But 2015 ended with changes for three out of four of my kids-my first born cancelled her wedding. She’s pregnant. We are SO excited about our grandchild, dismayed that her Prince Charming turned out to be a Frog:(  My son’s changed high schools. From Highland Park to Aubrey. They are THRIVING at Aubrey, in sports and academics. So exciting!

So, here’s a toast to 2016-to my new normal and to yours, whatever that may be!  I’ll become a Glamma. Several Dallas women will be thrust into the word of Reality TV by Bravo, and I wish them luck and good fortune. We will debut our developed Prestonwood Polo and Country Club, a dream since 2009 finally come to fruition. Join me field side during polo season, Saturdays in May and June. Let’s share a bottle of wine, a picnic, watch the ponies run and DISH!

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