Remembering David Bowie Events this Week

David-Bowie-mainDavid Bowie gave us so much. It’s hard to believe he is gone. I was thrilled to hear of him releasing a new “album” after all these years. And then two days later, he’s gone. His final video is haunting. Telling. Blew me away. I’m on the search for my Best of David Bowie CD collection I used to jam on when driving A1A in Florida in 2000. I’m anxious to turn on my 12 year old daughter that loves, lives music.  How is it that she’s a huge Beatles fan but doesn’t know Bowie? She’s a big on Queen but never heard of Ziggy Stardust? While my 27 year old daughter can recite most of the movie lines from Labyrinth,  the classic film where a selfish 16-year old girl is given 13 hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue her baby brother when her wish for him to be taken away is granted by the Goblin King. My daughter Jade related and used to recite from it “ Oh Goblin King, Oh Goblin King, please take this baby far, far away…..” as she was 11 when her brother was born and none too happy about it at the time.  Alas, 12 year old Gigi is our baby and doesn’t know of the Goblin King. Jade and I will fix that. I’m sure there will be more but for now, you can remember Bowie and/or introduce a young one at three theatres hosting events this week:

1)Wednesday, TODAY: Granada Theater starts at 8 pm with cover band Thin White Dukes  followed by a screening of Labyrinth at 10 pm. A portion of ticket sales will appropriately go to Young Texans Against Cancer.

Granada Theater

3524 Greenville Ave.

2) Friday : The Texas Theater will show The Man Who Fell to Earth, the 1976 cult classic that was Bowies first big film role. A Bowie listening party will ensue after the credits roll.

Texas Theater

231 W. Jefferson Blvd.

3) Saturday: The Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson presents a David Bowie music video celebration, showing some of his most famous clips.

Alamo Drafthouse

100 100 South Central Expressway

Grab your Kleenex box and Get Your Bowie On!!



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