Give a Gift of Chocolate at the Pageant!

Miss Prestonwood Polo Club Pageant presents -“Love Letters”, the second annual Miss Texas preliminary pageant will be held on Valentines Day. Appropriately, the theme of the day is everything Valentines and Love:) You can order chocolates on line starting today through Friday, February 12 to be delivered to the pageant awaiting your favorite contestant, the director, your brunch date, the judges (hey, why not?) family and/or friends. A portion of the sales benefit the pageants scholarship fund that will be awarded to the new Miss and her Outstanding Teen title holders. So, be generous! Order chocolates! When your order is placed you will receive an email where you can reply back with the name to put on your gift(s) and choose colors.

4 price points to choose from-$12 gets you a decorated chocolate heart, $21 for your choice of Dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate covered Bing cherries or white chocolate coconut curry cashews, $35 for a chocolate ‘Cocoa Couture’ high heeled shoe and $49 for a 16 piece variety box of bon bons. All from Chocolate Secrets, offering only the finest in chocolate confections.

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