RHOD Drama……cast, or not cast?

photoWith Real Housewives of Potomac having aired, we are awaiting the announcement of Real Housewives of Dallas first episode. Bravo doesn’t have an official page for the Dallas show yet and hasn’t announced the cast.  While there’s been a guessing game going on around Big D since the announcement of the show, it hasn’t been hard to figure out whom since a certain group has been filming together at public events and private parties.  These events have been posted all over FB since last Spring.

Until now.

Facebook pages have been put under lock down and gone “Public Figure”.

Things have gone quiet. They no longer post where they will be in advance, but they are getting out together as a group to take a few photos at events on the down low. However, rumors abound that cast changes have been made since the original cast was set and perhaps Bravo isn’t even sure at this time who the final cast will be?

Did a couple of the original cast get dropped and replaced by others that had managed to get themselves on camera enough times as “extras”,  making it easy to add them  to the series with some pick up scenes and send them to events to be photographed together?

This Radar OnLine article is spot on…. though it fails to mention Locken’s time on Big Rich Texas. Is it because that show was pretty much Style Network’s version of Real Housewives? The cast was more “Real Housewives” than real “Big Rich Texans”, to be sure. Yes, the women named in the Radar online article are cast. But someone is shaking things up we hear…..seems that the Network wasn’t aware of Someone’s naughty extra curricular career and isn’t quite sure what to do with this……recast AGAIN, or go with her and see how the public takes it.

I say though there will be much uprising in the Dallas community about how it makes Dallas and our housewives look, I say it will probably make her the most famous housewife of them all and as we have seen sex tapes haven’t hurt anyone’s career that I know of, yet.

Is Bravo brave enough to go through with it?

One thought on “RHOD Drama……cast, or not cast?

  1. Reblogged this on Dena Dishes Dallas and commented:

    It’s a shame the person that most people are messaging me as their guess as to who has been doing porn is so NOT the one and though has attended many of the events that were being filmed, as she’s been a friend of LeeAnnes for years, she is not one of the RHOD at this time. Who knows? It could happen but she’s a darling person, a dear friend of MINE and NOT a porn star. Put your thinking caps back on!


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