La Bichette Announces Weekday Specials

Marsha and Tammy, mother and daughter owners of La Bichette.
Marsha and Tammy, mother and daughter owners of La Bichette.

Since Dry Bar hit town from LA, blow out bars have become all the rage. Who washes and styles their own hair for events anymore? Why should you, when you don’t have to? Not only will you get a fabulous professional looking hair style fit for any red carpet, but you get to relax with a glass of champagne and get your head scrubbed….simply divine! La Bichette is my favorite go to spot for styling and make up for special occasions or just because I need a pick me up. Locally owned and operated, It all began with two redheads ( mom & daughter) talking about the days when grace, glamor, class and confidence all went hand in hand and the belief that a true modern woman must embody a balance of femininity and feminism.  To be provocative and practical, lively and intelligent, beautiful and bold, you must first know and appreciate yourself. Being gorgeous has everything to do with feeling secure in your own skin. But let’s face it, looking and feeling extraordinary amidst life’s daily hurdles is no easy task. Taking care of yourself, or as the French say, souci de soi, is of the utmost importance. These two redheads and devout animal enthusiasts, say that “even life’s most simple pleasures should be conscious ones.  That’s why at La Bichette, we are firmly against animal testing and do our best to use and support products that are made in the USA.  Our hair product packaging is made from aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material, and is refillable in our atelier.  We want looking gorgeous to be as guilt free as it is effortless.  Come in and see for yourself!”

And today, they have just, like I literally JUST got this in my inbox as I was writing another piece, today announced this weekday special that will have you going every day of the week!

Available now through March 1st:

Fresh Start Mondays Enjoy 20% off ALL Facials!

Treat Me Tuesdays Complimentary Deep Conditioning Mask with every Blowout!

Wax On Wednesdays Enjoy 20% off ALL Waxing Servies!

Thrifty Thursdays Receive a coupon for $5 off your next Spray Tan with purchase of a Spray Tan! Need to book an appointment?

To book your appointments: download the free App in the App Store or call 214.520.3500

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