A Gentle Reminder… Readers of Dallas

After spending the last few minutes moderating comments on the blog and Facebook and talking with my team, I think it is time for a gentle reminder.

I have scrolled through crassness, cruelty and just plain meanness.

It’s not pretty.

It doesn’t feel good.

It lacks elegance, grace and modern civility.  It actually feels rather gross and disappointing.

Dallas is getting some time in the spotlight, and it is good thing.  We are a community. We should be celebrating our sisters and “friends” instead of behaving like grown up “Mean Girls” that did not receive the gift of home training.  Name-calling, celebrating scandal, backstabbing and the lack of empathy and compassion is appalling and disappointing — we should know that every story has at least two sides and be ready to hear it.

I’m not sure if it is because people are online and behind a screen, hence using a boldness that they would not have in person or if commenters are actually that rude and crass the harsh light of everyday.  I hope not.

If I heard my daughter saying these things about anyone, to anyone, I would probably have her hide, but these are adults, typing bravely, and as an adult you have the right to have an opinion and are lucky enough to live in a place where you can state your opinion, regardless of the insanity that comes out.  There is an old saying that says, “God don’t like ugly.”.

As a moderator, editor and mother, I have the right to limit what we will allow.

I love this City.  Its’ beauty.  Its’ courage.  Its’ diversity.  Its’ community.  Its’ history, and its’ treasures.  We have so many people doing good work, raising up children, creating the new while embracing the past, living lives that are aimed at making this world a better place — it’s a shame that we have to be reminded that our aim is not to tear people down, but to lift them up and shine a big, bright light on the good.

Tread gently,





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