Soupmobile presents ” Queen for a Day”

From 1956 to 1964 there was a very popular TV show called ‘Queen for a Day.’ The premise of the show was that women who had fallen on hard times could contend to be a ‘Queen for a Day’ and receive fabulous prizes and gifts. 

Fast forward 50 years and we still live in a society where many women are struggling just to get by. Many of these women are single parents with children. I can appreciate this because as a child I watched my own mother struggle to raise four children by herself. Since its founding in 2003 the SoupMobile’s primary focus has been serving the homeless in the Dallas, Texas. Now we are expanding our mission and reaching out to single mothers with children who have fallen on hard times.Essentially the SoupMobile will have its own ‘Queen for a Day’ program. Once a month the SoupMobile will reach out and help a single mother with children who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Depending on the needs of the family the SoupMobile will bless the family in a meaningful way. It could be something as basic as new shoes for the children, free food for a month, rental assistance, flowers for mom and much more!


Members of the community are encouraged to nominate deserving mothers with children for the SoupMobile’s Queen for a Day program. However unlike the Queen for a Day TV Show that chose their winner before millions of TV fans, we will choose our winning family in a more mindful way.If you would like to nominate a deserving family, send an email to and tell us the families story and why you think they should be the recipients of the SoupMobile’s ‘Queen for a Day’ program.


May the Lord Bless & Keep you all.

David Timothy aka Soupman


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