Debate Watch Party with CNN’s Randi Kaye

The Studio Movie Grill hosted our Republican National Debate watch party last night with Anderson Cooper reporter Randi Kaye. About 75 Women that all support Donald J Trump for president, as do I, was the evenings focus group. Holding up Trump signs while sipping cocktails and dining the ladies cheered and jeered Texas style. There weren’t many commercial breaks during this one ( as noted by another blogger who questioned who had paid for this since advertisers didn’t get air time) but Randi Kaye interviewed women during them and afterwards, looking to find out where the  women’s appeal for Trump comes from. For ME, and I can only speak for myself, I don’t like anyone else from either party and until the Donald jumped into the race, I was stymied as to whom to vote for. My husband felt the same way. I bet there are a lot of Americans who go into these elections with this same struggle. What to do? Vote for the lesser of two evils, vote for the party you and your family have been affiliated with blindly for generations, vote for your same gender or race?  .I’m thanking God that this very busy successful business man, husband, father, grandfather, has set his personal life aside and jumped in the fray to take on the establishment, to wake Americans up, to Make America great again!  He doesn’t have to do this. It’s a thankless job most of the time. it’s long hours, a lot of grief. I’m honored to support the man that has stood up for the silent majority.

Tune into the Anderson Cooper Show on CNN for coverage of our debate party and other political get togethers being covered here in Texas this week. And Get over to the Trump Rally in fort Worth NOW!!


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