Best Wishes For Real Housewives of Dallas

photoAre you ready for tomorrows debut of Real Housewives of Dallas?  The promo’s are out, cast tweeting to get people excited and yes, I’m getting messaged all kinds of interesting tidbits. Hey, I DO Dish on everything Dallas, but I’m not a gossip columnist! So, don’t expect me to be looking to out cast members for bad behavior. Yes, I did scoop Tiff’s porn past but I was delicate and didn’t NAME her until D magazine did…even though I had the info. She’s a celebrity now so it IS News. Do I judge her for it? No. Do I think it will hurt her career? No, in fact, I think it will probably make her the most famous housewife of them all. On that note, let me leave you with this tidbit that a little birdie pointed out to me-  US Weekly reports:  “Hendra says she has “no regrets” about doing the series. “I do own the fact that I knew I was taking my clothes off,” she says. Her husband, pop rock singer Aaron Hendra, even visited the set. “He came to my dressing room to check on me to make sure everything was cool,” she recalls.”  Which is interesting …because she told Real Mr. Housewives, “I did that series before I was married and it’s part of my journey,” she expounded. “I own it.”  Which is even more interesting as the Dallas Observer wrote, “Hendra says that shortly after the cast was announced, the entire Internet began uncovering her “porn” past. She says it wasn’t porn, however, it was Cinemax. “How many boobs do we see now? We see more nudity in Game of Thrones. It was in my contract that it could only be waist up. It’s a part of my journey and I don’t regret it,” she explains. A quick Internet search shows more than just waist up, however. As Hendra is defending her past, Locken nods along. “And it was before she even met her husband,” she chimes in.” Not negated by Hendra.  Before marriage, during marriage, does anyone really care? I think not. Carry on, Tiffany!

Should you miss any episodes, our Editor Teia Collier will provide Recaps here. We’d love to hear your comments, just remember, we won’t tolerate mean girls ( or guys!). The kinds of comments that were common on Style Networks Big Rich Texas    recaps ( LeeAnne Locken is listed as cast member in 2012 with 7 episodes under her belt)  will not be approved. Sure, you can tell us anything you want, but know that ugliness will not be made viewable to our readers. That is a promise we make to the cast and wish the best of luck to Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, Cary Deuber, Marie Reyes, LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra. Here’s hoping this journey is everything you hoped it would be.



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