Texas Republican State Convention

This week has been so exciting, as its the first time I’ve ever attended a political convention. Politics has never been my thing. I’ve voted Republican all my life just because it’s the way I was raised and then married into a very active Republican family. Truth be known, I’ve been one of the silent majority. You know, one of many that don’t honestly relate 100% to either party but keep silent and go with the flow. Some elections we get lucky, others we wonder what the hell the majority were thinking. but we know it’s temporary and get through it, hoping the next POTUS will be better than the last. In our opinions, I must add. This is the first time in my life that I’ve truly been excited about politics and 100% behind a candidate. I’ve been described by my husband as an Activist, commended by my father in law for a Letter to the Editor I wrote a few years ago when SMU bought Mrs. Bairds site and locals were up in arms with some claiming they wanted to steal our water,( that one was a doozy lol!) but getting the attention of the founder of Trumpettes.global by my enthusiasm and asked to be Texas State Director was a real honor. Since then I’ve been moved up to Texas chapter president and now National. As a member of the Texas Women for Trump coalition as well, I’ve spoken on our behalf to Jack fink, CBS reporter, hosted a debate watch party for CNN’s Randi Kaye and now I’m working the Trump booth at my first State Convention. the activity is exciting. Our booth has been very busy and its great meeting so many like minded supporters. They come from all different walks of life. Some very conservative, others like myself, leaning toward conservative but liberal on some issues that we believe shouldn’t even be in the political discussion and some Democrats that aren’t happy with the state of the democratic party. I welcome them all!

I urge you, come on down to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center today until 5;00, tomorrow 8-4 and take a look around, talk to some folks. Engage in healthy intelligent discussions. Really arm yourself with information. I really do believe this election year is the most important, most critical one that many of us will see in our lifetimes. It’s about taking our country back from the politicians, realizing both parties are on the same team, anymore. When did this happen? Not over night. it’s been a progression for decades. Our forefathers predicted this would happen. America has been awakened. Lets take our country back!

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