RHOD- All Press Is Good Press & Fake Twitter Accounts Should Be Ignored

photoWe are well into the first season of Real Housewives of Dallas and the internet is abuzz! The 9:00 Monday night time slot is a bit late for me, so I’ve missed some episodes and caught only half of some. But the recaps, press and social media keep me pretty well up to speed. Twitter is once again full of fake accounts, just like back in the Big Rich Texas days. There are some strange people with too much time on their hands pretending to be some of the cast members, as well as tweeting under fake accounts to either raise up their favorite or trash their least fave. That’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine. No reason for feelings to be hurt, they may be on a TV show but they are real life human beings, members of our community. My advice is for all of us to block, report and ignore the likes of “@LeeAnneLackin and @KeithSuburban. Don’t give her the attention she is craving by interacting. While they use photo of LeeAnne and Aaron Hendra, for profile they are NOT them.  It appears to me that it is the same trouble maker from BRT that made Pam Martin and Leslie Birkland miserable. Let’s be smarter than her ( and I know her name) and alert others to other fake profiles we come across.

FullSizeRenderTV Guide gives Jeers to LeeAnne, and some of the local press isn’t very forgiving, but everyone in the entertainment business knows that all press is good press! So, either way, keep it coming! Here in Dallas, let’s support our hometown Team, Team Real Housewives of Dallas. Tune in Monday nights at 9 pm.

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