My Crazy Busy Hectic Life

(  Miller family photo for Estate Life Highland Park June issue by Jin Kim.)

After Miss A I was encouraged by many, my writing Team, publicists that I wrote for, friends and family, to start my own blog. I have a ton of support and enjoy writing. Dallas is so amazing and has so many interesting People, Places and Things to write about.

I love sharing Dallas with the world. My inbox is filled with great press releases and invitations to fabulous events. The problem is my lack of time to sit at my computer these days! I am constantly on the Go. It’s polo season, entertaining kids for the summer and now a big move. Not to just one house, but two! Temporarily.

Not only do Teens require huge time commitments ( and I’ve got three) but at this time in our lives we’ve decided to pull the trigger on that polo lot dream house. Or mansion, as Gigi likes to call it. It’s very exciting, yes. Designing a home twice as big as the one we’ve been in for a decade, interviewing builders, researching architects. That’s fun. But purging our current home of its spacious closets, deciding which  furniture goes to which of the two rental houses and what just simply goes….this is a major undertaking! I’m taking a short break now just to write this. To apologize for my lack of entertaining, informing and/or educating you.

Oh, and I’m going to be a Glamma!!! Literally ANY Day now! I’m so looking forward to giving much of my time to helping my daughter Jade with our precious Paisley.

Stay tuned….I’m a bit quiet now but lots of great things coming!



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