Get Farm Fresh Eggs From Pasture Raised Chickens

Nate and one of his turkeys on the farm.
Nate and one of his turkeys on the farm.

A native of South Lake Tahoe, California, Nate Newman spent the first 4 years after high school in the Marine Corps.  He was stationed in 29 Palms as a heavy machine gunner, deployed to Kuwait and Okinawa for 6 months, with a stop in Cebu, Leyte, and Manila. He left to attend college, earning a bachelors degree in Seattle where he started his career in technology. He says he moved to Dallas for “some badly needed sun”, and boy do we have that here! While he and his wife are still in IT, ( He works for a major IT consulting company doing Network Security consulting and engineering.) they were flipping and remodeling houses and bought a run-down house on Lake Lewisville. After moving in it took  5 years to remodel , and they decided to rent it and move to a larger property “with a lot more space, privacy, and no neighbors. We didn’t like being five feet from a neighbor’s house.” , says Nate. That brought them to Cross Roads. As a requirement to maintain agricultural exemption on the property they needed to breed some type of livestock. They decided to go with Boer goats, which they are now breeding. Next year the Newman’s intend to start raising Emu’s with a plan to breed them the following year. They currently have 8 turkeys and by next month estimate they will have 80 or more chickens. Chickens give us eggs and they have more eggs than they can handle.  So, the ex marine, IT house flipping goat herder has now found himself in the egg business! I was fascinated to learn a lot about chickens and eggs from Nate and wanted to share with our community.  NatesChicken

Let me allow Nate to tell you…” Chickens are not only great as pets but the insect control they provide is phenomenal. With 5 acres our hope to deal with an abundance of grass hoppers and scorpions would be a lost cause. We like nature to balance itself and rather than use pesticides we’ve gone all natural. We don’t put any poisons into the soil nor anything that can harm our hens. We use apple cider vinegar to prevent worms and cayenne pepper to kill worms in our poultry. We also use diatomaceous earth to control ants and bird mites. Our chickens don’t get medications, hormones, steroids, or chemicals – except for vitamins.

                Depending on the breed hens lay one egg every 24 hours. Store bought eggs have very deceptive and misleading labels that consumers are not aware of. The cheapest eggs you can buy come from chickens that are packed into tiny cages with a wire mesh bottom. They are fed heavily processed grain by products only containing enough calcium, grit, and protein to produce and egg. These are not healthy chickens for two reasons: chickens were meant to eat insects and foliage and have less stress. A very stressed chicken will stop laying altogether, if that happens the factory culls them. The color of an egg yolk is determined by the birds diet. Healthy birds are just like healthy humans, it comes down to diet. An egg yolk is supposed to be dark orange, not bright yellow. The misleading labeling mentioned earlier comes in the more expensive eggs. Free range or cage free doesn’t mean free. It means thousands of hens packed into a little barn and therefore not in a cage. In fact the label you don’t normally see is “pasture raised.” A pasture is where you want them, that’s their normal habitat, that’s where they get the insects and plants. Our chickens are free to roam all over the property and spend every daylight hour in the pasture. They go into a coop at dark where they eat Egg Maker or Layena.

Nates farm fresh eggs.
Nates farm fresh eggs.

One of the most shocking things I tell customers is that store bought or industrial/factory eggs are AT LEAST 60 days old before you buy them. That includes the Cage Free and Free Range labels. Eggs are good for 90 days unwashed. The expiration date on store eggs is 3 weeks, that’s how we know how old they are. My eggs are good for 90 days, a good egg sinks, and a bad egg floats. Eggs should not be washed until consumed because they contain a bloom or cuticle that protects the egg from bacteria. The reason factories wash eggs right away is that no one wants a dirty egg! The color and flavor of a healthy, fresh chicken egg is phenomenal. Come by and buy some eggs from me $5 a dozen, or 7$ for 18. You can visit the chickens and goats and see how they live and how they are treated, we love our birds, they are part of our family.”

-Nate Newman

Message Nate on FB to let him know you’re coming to pick up eggs!

950 Naylor Rd Cross Roads TX


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