Park Cities School of Music Celebrates 5th Anniversary

invite-5-year-anniversary-park-cities-school-of-musicPark Cities School of Music (PCSOM) celebrates their 5-year anniversary on September 10th with an Open House & Talent Show. Public welcome- community kids encouraged to participate (perform on mini-stage) to win. Winner receives a trophy, an acoustic guitar and their picture in/on the local newspaper.  Event benefits Music is Our Weapon, a locally founded charity that helps Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients through music. Music players will be collected at the event to donate (iPads, iPods, MP3 players). Volunteers are also being recruited to join the MIOW music crews at the nursing homes, where they sit with the patient and connect them with the music they love.   School owner Eva Brandys is an instructor, rising performer and has incredible talent. Here is an impromptu train station performance by Eva that will share an idea of her talent and panache- she is shaping talent such as this in kids across Dallas through her school. 

Where: Park Cities School of Music

7979 Inwood road Suite 113

When: Saturday, September 10 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Cost: FREE

Sing & Win


Art Contest

Live Performances

Talent Evaluations

FREE Event

Enroll and receive a free professional head shot











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